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Fund Factsheets

Publish branded fund factsheets and MDDs consistently and on time.

Ocellics Fund Factsheets

Who is it for?

Ocellics Fund Factsheets is a licensed SAAS product that centralises the management of corporate branding, templates, and data for fund factsheets and MDDs.

The secure online platform helps fund and investment managers replace disconnected legacy solutions, and instead publish consistent factsheets from the cloud.

Key benefits

Effortlessly publish branded factsheets.

Centralised data & validation

  • Centrally manage fund returns, top 10 holdings, and other factsheet data

  • On platform validation warns of missing data sets or data points

  • Integrate your fund data feeds for automatic factsheet data sourcing

  • We calculate your risk stats!

Consistent branding

  • Corporate fonts, colours, and other assets are loaded onto the platform

  • We build factsheet templates that match your brand and design spec

  • Templates allow re-use of existing elements, saving costs in the long run

  • Template changes can be made fast while ensuring consistency across factsheets

Streamlined publishing

  • Easy to use dashboard allows bulk sign-off and bulk factsheet publishing

  • Publish workflow requires fund data sign-off to remove the draft watermark from factsheets

  • Publish workflows can automatically send emails or push pdfs to your website or Sharepoint

  • Deep audit on data changes, sign-off, and publications

Risk stats

Provide us with the necessary fund, market, and holdings data and we can calculate a range of risk stats for use in your factsheets and minimum disclosure documents. Supporting different versions, our calculations are audited and verified.


  • Highest rolling return

  • Lowest rolling return

  • Annualised performance (month / years)

  • Total Return

  • % up months / down months

  • Worst / best month

  • Max drawdown

  • Sharpe ratio

  • 12-month rolling return

  • Total months

  • Standard Deviation


  • Total gain / loss

  • Largest gain / loss

  • Average gain / loss

  • Directional Exposure

  • Correlation

  • Index correlation

  • Largest Position

  • Number Longs

  • Number Shorts

  • Downside Deviation

  • Gain periods

  • Loss periods

  • Gain deviation

  • Sortino ratio

How do we get started?

We're flexible, but usually we follow these steps to get you up and running.



Let’s talk about your requirements. We need to understand your existing setup, what your current factsheets require in terms of branding and data, and what you want to improve.

We'll also introduce you to the platform and answer your questions.



Together we ​detail how many funds, benchmarks, data points, and risk stats you require. Custom data feeds are specified.

Once we have a list of the unique factsheets for monthly publication, we can define how many templates and template variants need to be built.


Pricing & quote

With a complete picture of your requirements, we will quote you based on our standard or professional pricing schedules.

Once-off charges include data take-on, custom data feed integration, and template builds.

We charge a monthly fee per unique fund factsheet publication.


Build & integrate

This is the fun part.


We load your historic fund and benchmark data and integrate source feeds as required.

Your corporate brand elements are loaded, we then build your templates and link them to your funds.


Training & go-live

You're ready to start publishing factsheets!

We train up your designated super-user so they can manage fund data, commentary, copy, and monthly factsheet preparation. 


“It used to take us over a week to prepare our monthly factsheets, we're now getting them out for review in less than a day - thank you!"


"So far so good. It’s been an absolute pleasure publishing factsheets this month, and certainly looking forward the enhancements going forward."


"Your ability to roll out a template change almost immediately is game-changing. Our factsheets are looking so professional."

Are you an asset manager, asset owner, or financial services provider looking to deliver brand consistent fund factsheets efficiently and timeously?

We can help, let's talk!

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