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Fund Managers

We are looking for the best tech people.

If you think you have what it takes, then come build your career with us.

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Who we are

Ocellics is a growing, dedicated team with big dreams and aspirations. We are looking for people like you to help us grow and achieve great things both individually as people, and collectively as a team and company.


Entrepreneurs at heart. We strive to think outside the box when it comes to helping our clients grow their business, and see our employees find their passions. We empower you to take ownership of the areas that interest you the most and grow both as employee and person.

We pride ourselves on fostering a working environment that rewards teamwork, continuous learning, and a sustainable work-life balance.  Creativity, ingenuity, and pride in the quality of work done is paramount, no matter your role in the company.

You invision, we build.

Our approach is to put a minimum viable product in your hands early.

We aim to help solve immediate business challenges fast, while creating a positive feedback-loop soon after project kick-off.


The primary goal is to foster a long-term, and collaborative business relationship with you as our client. To start, we create a detailed map of your immediate, long-term, and digital transformation objectives. Together we agree the development path and then start building.

Custom Software

Most of the solutions we build leverage our tried and tested proprietary development platform. This enables us to deliver highly functional solutions rapidly, while saving you the time, risk, and the high cost of having to engineer solutions from the ground up.


Your solution will be cloud-ready, ensuring that your business can leverage enterprise-class infrastructure and technology. We can help you transition your business to the cloud, while respecting and integrating your existing infrastructure as required.

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