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Data on a Touch Pad

Fund Data Service (FDS)

Unlock more time for strategic decision-making with automated processes and early access to aggregated fund data.

Who is it for?

Ocellics FDS is designed for investment managers seeking to streamline their fund data management.


Our licensed platform, backed by experienced financial software experts, empowers you to efficiently manage disparate data sources, seamlessly integrating with your existing systems for complete control.

Key benefits

Own your data

  • Organise, control, and disseminate data easily and securely.

  • Gain a single source of truth for a consolidated and aggregated view across your business.

  • Leverage pre-defined calculations and modules for efficient fund analytics and performance reporting.

Eliminate risks

  • Trust in a tried and tested financial platform.

  • Remove key-man risk through automation.

  • Reduce manual user interactions and potential for errors.

  • Work with audited and verified data sets for increased output reliability.

Streamline processes

  • Fund managers have immediate access to information as it arrives.

  • Consume, process and deliver time-critical data, reports, and client outputs on schedule.

  • Eliminate bottlenecks and allow key resources to focus on more meaningful work.

Feature overview

FDS is a configurable, end-to-end business solution that can integrate seamlessly with your existing network environment or run on a dedicated Azure virtual machine.



Automate and schedule the sourcing of data from a range of sources including, but not limited to, email, FTP, APIs or file listeners. Support for multiple file formats include csv, xls, xml, pdf and more.

Process & store

FDS ingests, cleans, verifies and stores data in a flexible data-warehouse. Instrument and fund data are then processed into master data allowing for aggregated cross platform reporting and analysis.

Use & automate

Downstream analysis is made seamless via Excel, analytical tools, and custom dashboards and portals. Calculations, the generation and distribution of reports, and other business processes can all be automated using your data.

Key capabilities

File storage

Automated email and file processing shifts file management to the cloud, reducing dependence on local networks. We enable logical and easy access to your data and files for both employees and clients.

Golden copy

Reference data is auto-mapped to master data records based on defined rules and workflows. An aggregated single source of the truth allows for consistent cross-platform analysis.

Web portal

Your team's data management interface. Clients, employees, and executives can login to your secure web portal to view interactive analytical dashboards, download reports, confidential documents, and statements.

Automated messaging

Automated workflows generate and send client statements, performance reports, and other client facing outputs on a defined schedule. 

Cloud ready

FDS is cloud ready ensuring that your business can leverage enterprise-class infrastructure and technology.  We can implement on a cloud VM or on your existing infrastructure.

Ocellics Excel Add-in

Use Excel,
not other fluff.

The Ocellics FDS Excel Add-in allows you to extract your data from the warehouse or aggregated master data repository directly into your spreadsheets.


The Excel ribbon can be customised with your unique data reports to share with your teams based on role.


Easy-to-use inline functions allow you to pull your raw or calculated datasets into backing datasheets for use in auto-refreshing analytical Excel dashboards.

No more searching for spreadsheets or wrestling with complicated 3rd party BI tools.


Keep it simple, just use Excel.

Data made easy.

FDS can load a wide range of industry standard and ad-hoc data types including holdings, transactions, market data and fund performance statistics. Most data provider and administrator loads are pre-built.


Data providers
  • Bloomberg

  • Finswitch


  • JSE

  • Morningstar

  • Reuters

  • And more…


Fund administrators
  • AlphaDesk

  • Curo

  • GAA

  • Maitland Asisa

  • Prescient Asisa

  • RiskCafe

  • And more…


Third party
  • Banks

  • CRM

  • LISP

  • Swift

  • Qualitative data

  • Your data

  • And more…

Are you an asset manager, asset owner, or financial services provider looking to improve your data operations to reduce risk and save time?

We can help.

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